Rector's letter

February 2018

Dear Friends,

Lent begins on 14th February. So, we have the confusion this year of celebrating love between two people as we remember St Valentine, and the solemn observance of Ash Wednesday.

We don’t really know very much about St Valentine, except that he lived in Rome in the 3rd century CE and was believed to have been a priest. One legend about him is that he secretly married Christian couples and otherwise aided Christians who were being persecuted by Emperor Claudius. Valentine was caught, martyred by having his head cut off, and buried on 14th February.

Traditionally, we give things up for Lent. That’s to echo Jesus’ sacrificial journey into the wilderness for forty days, where food is scarce and even water can be hard to come by. But it can also be a time to take on something new. Taking time to read a spiritual book perhaps, or to join a discussion group. But there’s something else that caught my eye on The Sun’s website:

“This year, the Christian Nightlife Initiatives Network is once again promoting the #Do1NiceThing challenge - which they say is about loving the person in front of you as well as serving the wider community to make life better for the people around us - and yourself in the process.”

Well, Lent is a time of challenge, but a challenge that is undergirded by love. Whether or not you are celebrating St Valentine’s day this year, remember that the love that came down to humanity at Christmas-time in the person of Jesus is available for all people, and for all time.

Let’s try the Do 1 Nice Thing challenge!

With my prayers and best wishes for a happy, holy Lent.

Yours, in Christ,

Revd Sally 


The Heart of Norfolk Group of churches – 13 parishes – has now been working together for a year. Initially, we tried hard to sustain the pattern of services that each parish had been enjoying. However, over time, it became obvious that this was not sustainable and, in many places, services were attracting small congregations, which makes it very hard to create a vibrant experience of worship and fellowship.

Beginning in January, we are streamlining our service pattern and encouraging congregations to unite and worship together. For some parishes, that will mean a reduction in the number of services held each month. The new pattern does ensure that at least three services of Holy Communion are held across the Team each Sunday and provides a variety of Services of the Word in both traditional and modern language.

We are also encouraging people to car-share and offer lifts to those who do not drive. If transport is an issue for you, please be in touch on 01362 668850.

Reverend Sally Kimmis

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