Rector's letter

Dear Friends,

On 18th October, the Church celebrates the Feast of St Luke. Of the four gospel-writers, Luke is the great story-teller, drawing pictures for us about Jesus’ life and ministry. It’s a joy to read, as well as conveying Jesus’ teaching in a very engaging style. At its heart, Luke’s gospel is careful to be inclusive, with many stories about prominent women, as well as men, and always with a great concern for the poor and marginalised of the society of the day.  For Luke, the good news of salvation is for all, regardless of gender, social position or nationality.

But what do we know about Luke? He didn’t know Jesus whilst he was alive on earth, but he was a great friend of the apostle Paul. In fact, Paul mentions him three times in his letters and describes him as “the beloved physician”. So, a doctor – small wonder, then, that he was concerned about those who got a rough deal in life.  

Luke wrote two of the books of the New Testament – the gospel that stands in his name, and The Acts of the Apostles, describing their activity and the early days of the Church. We know that he researched his material meticulously, as both books begin with a salutation to Theophilus (lover of God) and describe the lengths he went to in order that he could “set down an orderly account of events”. Luke was a Gentile (non-Jew) and tradition has it that he wrote his gospel in Greece, finally dying in Boeotia at the age of 84!

So, we give thanks for Luke as we enter the final quarter of this year. Also in October, of course, we continue our Harvest Festival Thanksgivings and end the month with a celebration of all the Saints (29th at Bawdeswell). We are also planning a service to commemorate the departed on 4th November, 4pm, at North Elmham St Mary, where people will be invited to commemorate a loved-one: names will be read and candles lit. Please do let me know if you would like to have a loved-one remembered in this way. 

Yours, in Christ,

Revd Sally 

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