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More ideas? Maintaining contact with each other and others in our villages (and beyond) is going to be crucial over the coming weeks and months. One idea is to set up WhatsApp groups for those who can use this technology (Smart Phone). If you have other ideas or information to share in future bulletins, please let us know. 

A reminder about Foodbanks. Foodbanks should continue where possible under strict guidelines and may have to move to be delivery points, not places where people gather. If you can, please consider making a financial contribution to your nearest Foodbank.

Please continue to support this vital service in whatever way you can Mid Norfolk Foodbank   

Practical issues around Community help. We will all be wanting to help neighbours and the vulnerable in our communities. Our Archdeacons have suggested the following best practice to protect volunteers and the vulnerable:

* safety of volunteers is paramount;

* Bank Card and PINs on behalf of others must not be used;

* Receipts for shopping must always be left and payment by cheque (in envelope) to be collected from the door-step the next day;

* Safeguarding concerns to be reported in the usual way (refers to Church of England safeguarding policy);

* Volunteers should refrain from entering peoples' homes unless they are part of a church pastoral team or other organisation operating a robust safeguarding framework, and certainly not if the householder is self-isolating.

NEXTDOOR  and Volunteering Norfolk
The Nextdoor community message boards are a good source of local information and are being used by Norfolk County Council and Norfolk Police as well as local voluntary groups, which are rapidly forming to support their own communities. (For example,  Help in North Elmham). PM’s statement on Monday (23rd) included ‘helping vulnerable people’ as part of the four limited purposes for leaving home, so these initiatives are to be encouraged, within social-distancing parameters and under the Volunteering Norfolk umbrella Volunteering Norfolk

Bawdeswell and Foxley

In the event that you, or anyone you know within the village needs help and don’t have anyone who can help, The Community Car Scheme have kindly offered to be the central point of contact for anyone who is in isolation and has no other means of obtaining medication or essential food shopping. Because the CCS covers Bawdeswell and Foxley, these plans will cover both villages. If anyone else is available to offer assistance during this time, please let Jackie at the CCS know on 01362 688956.

Update from Bill Cunclife

Happy Easter.

NHS Hearing Aid Batteries -  a really useful piece of information was passed to us yesterday. Specsavers in Dereham Market Place is closed, however every Friday between 11am and 2pm you can knock on the door and a member of staff will open up for you and give you free NHS batteries.  It is not advertised on the shop door, but it worked for a Bawdeswell resident last Friday who very kindly passed it on to us.

Banging on a door reminds me  of a friend of mine who worked in an office in London. When he was bored he would phone a call box on the other side of the street where Post Office vans parked. When the phone was answered  he would say, “Please help me, my mate Ron is asleep in the back of the Post Office van and  his boss is on his way to catch him. Unless you bang on the van door and wake him up he will be sacked”.   Apparently you would be amazed at how many people did just that.

Oil prices: Quite a few local residents use the syndicate and get very good prices. It is a nationwide club but we are served by the Bawdeswell and Swanton Morley section of Oil-club. Could be worthwhile looking them up on the internet.

Quote of the day: Say NO to childhood obesity…..Eat your child’s Easter Egg now !!!

Got the first couple of emails with things about Coronavirus for a scrapbook of memories.  So please send in anything to add to the memories of this period of time.  My wife has told me it shouldn’t be called a Coronavirus Scrap Book - so perhaps we should call it “The Summer of 2020 Scrapbook”.  Pictures, drawing and poems will be much appreciated as well as the memories.

We are approaching what is generally accepted as being the height of the infection period so please keep to the guidelines.

Stay safe and look out for lonely neighbours.  


Message and help in Bawdeswell 

North Elmham

Self Isolation – North Elmham (SINE) - A community group has been set up to assist those who are in self isolation or otherwise unable to get out and about. Leaflets are being distributed to all households in the parish, giving details of how to ask for help, how to volunteer etc, and providing basic ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ to ensure that the system works well for everyone.

WhatsApp St Mary's If you would like to join the WhatsApp group please email David and he, as administrator, will add you.  If you haven’t downloaded WhatsApp – it woks on phones and tablets I think – you can do this in the App Store for either Apple devices or Androids.  If you need some assistance to work this out, please email us or call our home number 01362 668424 and we will try to help – no guarantees that we will be successful, but we will certainly try.

Support for North Elmham.


Foulsham Parish Council is compiling useful local information and advice in respect of the current outbreak of coronavirus. Information is changing rapidly so please check back regularly for the latest news. If you have useful information to share, please contact the Parish Clerk or any of the councillors.

Covid19 support in Foulsham 

Useful web links - an App which lists the busness who are delivering.

The Green Pastures Christian book-shop  in Dereham issued a letter on 1st April about how to contact them/ order resources whilst the shop is closed.




Heart of Norfolk Churches cannot be held responsible for any of the activites of the organisations or people mentioned above.

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