“Private” prayer in our church buildings, 15th June onwards

Last weekend, Government announced a slight easing of the restrictions on access to church buildings. We heard that churches could be open for individual prayer from 15th June. We have since learnt that this would have to be supervised. The Church of England is currently seeking clarification from the Government as to what the extent and nature of supervision for private individual prayer will be.

We, of course, welcome any easing of restrictions and we long to be able to welcome visitors back to our churches.

Unfortunately, it is not such a simple issue as opening our church doors at a stroke. A lot of preparation has to take place to minimise any risk to public health, and churches are complicated buildings, as Archbishop Justin Welby said at the very start of lock-down.

At a meeting of churchwardens with Revd Sally yesterday (10th June), we agreed to a gradual programme of re-opening, probably starting with one or two churches in the Group, for two sessions each week (with a gap of at least 72 hours between each session). We will publish details about venues, days and times, as soon as possible.

This may seem very limited, but we must move forward carefully for the sake of everyone from our villages and beyond who may visit.

The Church of England website is regularly updated, as we all try to respond to a shifting landscape!

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