Learning from the past, planning for the future

The Archdeacons of our Diocese, with Keith James, Continuing Ministerial Development Officer, issued a paper on Monday (29th June) Learning from the past, planning for the future. It encourages us all to reflect on the last few months, to learn lessons and to think carefully about the future. In their letter, they write:

“The landscape is very different and simply ‘going back to normal’ is not an option. So much has been gained, particularly in the field of on-line worship, which would be missionally and pastorally advantageous to maintain and develop alongside worship in our church buildings.” 

To help us to begin this reflection process together, four questions:

  1. What have you discovered that you want to retain and develop?
  2. What have you discovered and been doing that can be laid down?
  3. What has been lost and needs to be regained?
  4. What has been lost and should remain lost?

It would be tremendously helpful to hear your responses to these questions and/or any reflections you may like to share.

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