Public worship 3

This well-known hymn was nominated for the Songs of Praise service on Sunday and many of us who were able to be at “St Zoom’s” last Sunday were moved by the photos of the interiors of all of the HON church buildings – empty of people but standing as testament to the glory of God and the worship of people through many centuries.

We are planning to resume public Sunday worship in church from 2nd August (10.30am). This will be at Guestwick St Peter, where we have the facility to Zoom and record for subsequent transmission via YouTube. Our Zoom community will be invited to join us in the usual way. Those of you who feel confident and able to join us in person will be very welcome. This is planned to be a service of Holy Communion (in one kind for the congregation) and the Sacrament will be reserved to administer subsequently to those who are not able to attend in person. Please be assured that stringent hygiene and safe-distancing protocols will be followed.

A more comprehensive programme of public Sunday worship is being planned for September onwards, although it will not revert to our pre-COVID19 pattern. This is being reviewed in the light of our lock-down experience and we ask you to bear with us as we work this through.

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