Zoom Easter: Heart of Norfolk Benefice

We were able to hold a Zoom Easter Day Service. It was a ‘work-in-progress’, but we got there, and proclaimed the Resurrection of our Lord together (together, yet not together).
We were determined to gather as many people together as possible to celebrate this most important Festival of the Christian year. Thirty-two of us joined the ‘meeting’, prayed the liturgy and sang the wonderful Easter hymns. (One or two people experienced technical glitches, but hopefully these can be sorted out.)
We’re now planning to hold regular Sunday services (10.30am) using Zoom. If you’d like to join us, please email
We are concerned about those who cannot access this technology, as it feels rather exclusive, which is not how the Church should be. So, we’re grateful for broadcast services, backed-up by regular phone contact by the ministry team to keep people ‘connected’.  
We share Easter-tide blessings and the hope of new life and renewal.

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