11 days of prayer for the world

The international prayer movement Thy Kingdom Come continues this year between Ascension Day (21st May) and Pentecost (31st May). The TKC website has published “10 tips for creatively engaging your church if unable to gather in person”. As well as creative use of websites and Social Media, there are some simple tips for prayer at home including:

  • Pray for 5 people and their wellbeing. You could make a prayer wrist-band from wool or embroidery thread, tying five knots in it to represent each of the people you are praying for.
  • Do a prayer chain with friends and neighbours – hold a prayer ‘moment’ when you all commit to pray at a certain time of day, including The Lord’s Prayer.
  • Set up a prayer space in your home. This could include an atlas or world map and a ‘light station’, were you light a candle and commit to lighting up the world in prayer, so that others would come to  know and experience the Hope of Jesus.


More tips and information available here.

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