Holy Communion 2nd August

Holy Communion, 2nd August, Guestwick St Peter + Zoom

An Order of Service for Holy Communion for this coming Sunday can be found here: Sunday Service

BBC Radio 4’s Sunday Worship, 8.10am – Encountering God in abandonment.

The Revd Dr Isabelle Hamley, Chaplain to the Archbishop of Canterbury, charts her walk with God and with Covid-19. In a recent Thought for the Day on Radio 4, Dr Hamley spelt out the devastating effects Covid-19 has had on her personally, an early sufferer from the disease, referring to the biblical book of Job. “Job goes from being incredibly fortunate to losing everything, his wealth; his loved-ones, his health. Job’s friends were explaining away what happened, finding meaning in Job’s continued plague, even blaming him. But the bible is deeply realistic. His friends are fighting their own battle with fear. Job is fighting with meaninglessness and trauma. Job never finds out why he suffered. Instead he meets God face-to-face and finds solace in his presence.”

In this programme, the Archbishop’s chaplain will bring other portions of scripture to bear as they relate to wider suffering across the world. What can people of faith and none draw from ancient spiritual wisdom as the world faces a pandemic unprecedented in recent human history


BBC 1’s Songs of Praise is being broadcast on Sunday at 1.15pm. Faith and Sport.

Aled Jones visits the London Stadium to explore links between Christianity and sport and looks back at the unforgettable moments of the 2012 Olympic Games that took place in the stadium.

Paralympian Stef Reid takes Aled to the spot where she won silver in the 2012 games and gold in the 2017 World Championships. She tells Aled about the moment her life was changed for ever after a boating accident when she was just 15 and how her desperate cries to God in those times led to a deep Christian faith.

Aled also meets Graham Daniels, a former professional footballer who is now the director of Christians in Sport.

JB Gill joins a training session at Watford Football Club to meet goalkeeper Heurelho Gomes. He tells JB about growing up in poverty in Brazil and how his strong Christian faith is now leading him to swap the Premier League for the pulpit as he trains to become a pastor.

With hymns old and new from across the UK, including some that have become favourites at great sporting occasions.


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