Our House

‘Our House’ – 36 Burgh Lane, Mattishall, NR20 3QP

'Our House' is a semi detached house in Mattishall, being used as a resource in and for the local community.  A variety of different activities take place, see events at our house for further details.

Run by Sue and Gary Moore, their vision for ‘Our House’ is to create a place where ‘Christ is honoured and people are being healed’ and we look forward to the different ways in which God might use the house in the coming months and years to reach out to the surrounding communities.

Sue writes:

"In ‘The shaping of things to come’ Frost and Hirsch, Fresh Expressions writers comment that ‘The missional church is one which disassembles itself and seeps into the cracks in the culture’

It was with those words in mind that in 2014 Gary and I went to visit Maytree Suicide Respite Centre in North London where those at risk of taking their own lives can spend a few days away from it all, talking through their problems and gathering strength to face the future.  As a Cruse volunteer I have supported those left behind after suicide and wondered whether we were called to replicate the Maytree model using the second property that we had.  Suicide is a huge crack in our culture with 6000 people a year falling through it but sadly Maytree proved too big an enterprise for us.  However during our visit, one of the Directors spoke some prophetic words to us:  ‘If I were running a charity or community group and you offered me space in your house, I would snatch your hand off’

It was then that we began to get a vision of a house that would be some sort of resource in and for the community and we prayed about it for the next two years.  Then suddenly in Oct 2016 there was a huge flurry of the Spirit around our property and financial situation.  Our tenants unexpectedly gave notice and God seemed to be saying that the time was now right to sell up and put everything we had into a bigger property.  But which one?  We searched through all the property in our price range around Dereham and came across 36 Burgh Lane Mattishall which had been on the market some months and hoped we could sell our other property in time to proceed on it.

Unfortunately by the time we were ready to proceed, the ‘Sold’ board had gone up at Burgh Lane and disappointed we started to look for something else.  But God’s purposes are not thwarted that easily and the buyer suddenly dropped out leaving the way clear for us!  This was the house God wanted and we finally took possession of ‘Our House’ on 31st May 2017.

Since then we have started ‘Rest-Bite’ a carers support group and ‘Changes’ a support group for those affected by Bereavement.  We have also run ‘the Bereavement journey’ a 5 week course for bereaved people which includes a meal, a short DVD on various aspects of bereavement followed by discussion in small groups.  We plan to run other courses at any time during the year depending on interest.

In October 2017 we travelled to Birmingham to train as CAP (Christians against Poverty) money coaches and plan to run the CAP money course at any time of year when demand arises. CAP money is a short 3 session course helping you to budget, save and spend well.

We look forward with excitement to joining in with God’s mission to reach out to those falling through the cracks in our culture and to ‘Our House’ becoming a resource for the surrounding communities, a place of healing, sharing and fun.

For further information contact us on 01362 692685, suemoore23@hotmail.co.uk and we would love to hear from you if you have more ideas for ‘Our House’ that you would like to share with us".

About Sue and Gary Moore:

We came to Norfolk in 1999 when Sue came to work for the Methodist circuit as layworker and liked it so much we decided to move here permanently when the contract finished.  Gary was able to transfer his decorating business here and Sue now works as a registrar for civil weddings.  Our two grown up daughters have now both left home giving us a bit more time for walking, visiting new places, eating out and going to the cinema.

After many years in Methodism we joined the Church of England, although Sue still preaches quite often on the Norwich Methodist circuit. Sue became interested in Fresh Expressions and new models of church whilst studying for her MA in pioneering ministry at Cliff College in 2016.  It was during that time that Sue began to explore the idea of the church becoming embedded in the community (perhaps in an ordinary house) and immersing itself in the challenges and difficulties that people face, especially in rural areas.

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