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Rector's letter - August 2018

August 2018

Dear Friends,

One great privilege and joy I have in my role is to be regularly involved in the lives of two of our schools. To be a small part in the children’s journey as they move from year-to-year, all the time growing and learning, and ‘becoming’ the people whom God intends them to be.

I have a couple of recent experiences which I would like to share with you.

The Year 1 children of All Saints’ Stibbard CEVA Primary School paid a visit recently to Stibbard Church. They had been learning about the different features of the church, such as the font, the altar, lectern, pews etc. They explored the church and drew some pictures, followed by a ‘question and answer’ session. They asked all sorts of questions - about the age of the building, how I became a vicar – but they seemed most interested in the churchyard. How many people are buried there and what happens to us when we die? I was greatly moved when one boy expressed the hope that, one day, he and I would meet again in heaven!

Perhaps the most moving event of the year is the Year 6 Leavers’ Service. It’s a sort-of ‘bitter-sweet’ time – all the excitement, and probably some nervousness, about starting High School; combined with a genuine sadness at leaving their primary school, which has nurtured them and opened up so many opportunities for them to thrive. It’s also the occasion to present awards – five children at North Elmham CEVC Primary School achieved 100% attendance, and there were awards for excellence across the curriculum. Well done to all those children! I was particularly struck, however, by an award for Caring, which was given to Simon. Not a ‘subject’, so much, but a value that is at the heart of our schools, and one which I hope the children will carry with them into their adult lives.

May God bless all of our children and their families during this Summer Holiday – and God bless our teachers, staff and volunteers, too!

Yours, in Christ,

Revd Sally

Reverend Sally Kimmis