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Worthing News

October 2018


Norfolk Churches Trust / Bike, Stride, Car event on Saturday the 8th September was successful in some parts of the region with several visitors and in others not so!  However, as I myself was going around the various churches in our area, although this was apparent, I did meet a great bunch of people, brimming with smiles, exuding bags of energy and wanting to support this very precious and committed cause.  Therefore I sincerely hope that for 2019 – which is likely to be the 7th September, it becomes a year of determined effort and improvement.  For those that visited Worthing, our sincere thanks to you all and as importantly, our Volunteers who manned our church to meet and greet. 

A huge thank you to everyone,

Celia Daniel 


August & September are (depending on the weather) extremely busy times for our farmers and growers but with our scorching summer this year, harvest time was in cases brought forward and in others, farm produce was not so good.  However, we still celebrate their efforts and we are thankful for all that they do.  Therefore, as is customary, on Sunday the 14th October at Worthing Church we will be celebrating with our annual Harvest Praise Service at 11am.  So we hope you will come and join us and perhaps bring along some produce, packages or tins for the Harvest Table.  All donations will then be delivered after the service to our local Salvation Army in Dereham for their food bank which helps those in need.  Our offertory collection will once again be donated to WaterAid.


Worthing Village will be commemorating our soldiers who served their country by exhibiting their service and social history and remembering them in our own gathering on Remembrance Sunday.  We also wish to thank those relatives who have been involved in this commemoration and the charities of The British Legion, BLESMA – British Limbless Ex-Service Men’s Association and “The Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust,” who work tirelessly in supporting our service personnel and their families. 

For further information www.heartofnorfolkchurches.org.uk/remembrance-100/


Advance notice: CHRISTMAS IS COMING!

We aim to help and support Children from around the world that is in desperate need.  With your support we hope to be sending out again Christmas Boxes via “SAMARITANS PURSE.” These gestures bring sheer joy to children who feel they are remembered and loved...  To get involved and for details please contact:

Celia Daniel tel: 01362 668928 or email:c.daniel784@btinternet.com

Deadline for getting these boxes to Celia for despatch is 12th NOVEMBER 2018.