Rector's letter

Dear Friends,

It feels very strange to be going into October, and the prospect of winter, after such a long, hot and dry summer. When the weather is hot, I can’t quite remember being cold, and when it’s cold, I can’t imagine being in flip-flops and shorts! But don’t we love discussing the weather?

October is traditionally the month when the Church holds its Harvest Festivals, giving thanks to God for our produce and his blessing on our land, crops and our animals. I wonder, though, how many farmers will struggle to feed their animals in the months ahead, as they have already had to draw on winter-feed, given the paucity of grazing this summer?  It’s going to be tough for them and will undoubtably work its way into pricing as they will have to supplement the feed.

Whilst we give thanks for our produce, we are also painfully aware that too many people in this country are hungry.

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, recently addressed the Trade Union Congress, criticising the Government’s policy of Universal Benefits, saying that this leads people into poverty and to being hungry, depending on Food-Banks to provide their most basic needs. How can we, in 21st century England, be in a situation where people don’t have enough to eat? Archbishop Welby has been critised by some for entering the political debate – but, as he pointed out, ‘the bible is political from one end to the other’ and Jesus himself was highly political. 

I think that is what we, as clergy, are sometimes called to enter the political debate. We are privileged to have a voice in our communities, especially in times of local need.

Do please continue to support our local Food-Banks, and to pray for all those in need. And let us not be afraid to ‘get political’ and write to our local MPs about issues that concern us. From my past experience, they do listen.

Yours in Christ,

Revd Sally

Team Rector

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