Rector's letter - September 2019

Dear Friends,

Here in the Norfolk countryside we see the abundance of harvest all around us. Fields of wheat and barley, fruit trees laden, hedge rows about to yield their yearly crops of berries. We have much to be thankful for.

When I was a child in the 1940s and early 1950s Harvest Festivals seemed to be celebrated more then, than they are today. Churches were lavishly decorated – bunches of corn on the pew ends, loads of vegetables from gardens and allotments, vases full of autumnal blooms – and always, or so it seemed to me, a vast number of marrows ! Gifts of fruit and flowers were taken to the elderly and housebound – vegetables were taken to the local infirmary and harvest suppers were a veritable feast in spite of post war rationing.

It is all very different now. We still give thanks to God the Creator with a capital “C” and thank him for the skills of farmers and gardeners and fishermen. But do we really think about the right use of God’s bounty ? There are too many hungry families and yet the food waste is little short of a disgrace – literally mountains of good food destroyed.

These days, and quite rightly, we have more tins and packets amongst our harvest offerings. Food banks have become a necessity and we have a duty to feed the hungry. God’s goodness is to be seen all around us, so do come and celebrate Harvest Festival in our Churches. And if by any chance you are overcome by marrows, my wife has an excellent recipe from North Cornwall for Marrow Pickle.

Bon appetite and God bless you all,

Father Michael

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