Rector's letter - February 2020

Dear Friends,

Seldom in living memory can so much have happened in the political sphere in the space of just two months; a General Election, a new Government whose majority surprised even its most ardent supporters and now an end to the tortuous and often divisive debates about Brexit.

Oh, and somewhere in the middle of all of that we celebrated Christmas!

It may seem as if I added the last point about Christmas as almost an afterthought.

Far from it; regardless of our beliefs Christmas enabled many, many people to come together as friends and family and to recognise that what is really important and what actually unites us is far stronger than any political belief.

There is something very fundamental about human existence and our need to be part of “family” that makes Christmas and, indeed, other “holy- days” so important. These are the times when we step back from all that seems to dominate and drive our lives. They are opportunities to re-set our core values before we face the world once more.

For Christians this opportunity comes every Sunday when we recharge our batteries and, in coming together for worship, remind ourselves of our core values before a new week.

If you haven’t been to church before or if you have but not for a long time why not give it a try. You will find family, friendship and an opportunity to reflect on what is really important in life.

Service times are listed elsewhere in this magazine and on our website heartofnorfolkchurches, alternatively you may just like a chat. Either way do get in touch.


With every Blessing

Fr Christopher

07702 865412

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