Sunday Orders of Service

Eastertide Spiritual Communion

Third Sunday of Easter – 26th April, 2020



Preparation: You may wish to find a space for prayer in front of a cross, a candle, or a special place.


      The Lord be with you

All: and also with you.           


      Alleluia! Christ is risen.

All: He is risen indeed. Alleluia!



I know that my Redeemer lives

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I know that my Redeemer lives!
What joy the blest assurance gives!
He lives, he lives, who once was dead;
he lives, my everlasting Head!


He lives, to bless me with his love;
he lives, to plead for me above;
he lives, my hungry soul to feed;
he lives, to help in time of need.


He lives, and grants me daily breath;
he lives – for me he conquered death;
he lives, my mansion to prepare;
he lives, to lead me safely there.


He lives, all glory to his name;
he lives, my Saviour, still the same;
what joy the blest assurance gives!

I know that my Redeemer lives!



Prayer of Preparation


        Almighty God,
      to whom all hearts are open,
      all desires known,
      and from whom no secrets are hidden:
      cleanse the thoughts of our hearts
      by the inspiration of your Holy Spirit,
      that we may perfectly love you,
      and worthily magnify your holy name;
      through Christ our Lord.



Prayers of Penitence


       Christ our Passover lamb
       has been sacrificed for us.
       Let us therefore rejoice
       by putting away all malice and evil
       and confessing our sins with a sincere and true heart.


     Like Mary at the empty tomb,
       we fail to grasp the wonder
       of your presence.
       Lord, have mercy.

All: Lord, have mercy.


     Like the disciples behind locked doors,
       we are afraid to be seen as your followers.
       Christ, have mercy.

All: Christ, have mercy.


     Like Thomas in the upper room,
       we are slow to believe.
       Lord, have mercy.

All: Lord, have mercy.



Gloria in Excelsis


All: Glory to God in the highest,      
        and peace to his people on earth.         

        Lord God, heavenly King,
        almighty God and Father,
        we worship you, we give you thanks,
        we praise you for your glory.
        Lord Jesus Christ,
        only Son of the Father,
        Lord God, Lamb of God,
        you take away the sin of the world:
        have mercy on us;
        you are seated at the right hand
        of the Father:
      ​​​​​​​  receive our prayer.

      ​​​​​​​  For you alone are the Holy One,
      ​​​​​​​  you alone are the Lord,
      ​​​​​​​  you alone are the Most High,
      ​​​​​​​  Jesus Christ,
      ​​​​​​​  with the Holy Spirit,
      ​​​​​​​  in the glory of God the Father.
      ​​​​​​​  Amen.




The Collect


      Let us pray that we may walk the risen life of Christ in glory.


      A period of silent prayer is kept.

      ​​​​​​​  Almighty Father,
      ​​​​​​​  who in your great mercy gladdened the disciples
      ​​​​​​​  with the sight of the risen Lord:
      ​​​​​​​  give us such knowledge of his presence with us,
      ​​​​​​​  that we may be strengthened and sustained by his risen life
      ​​​​​​​  and serve you continually in righteousness and truth;
      ​​​​​​​  through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord,
      ​​​​​​​  who is alive and reigns with you,
      ​​​​​​​  in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
      ​​​​​​​  one God, now and for ever.
      ​​​​​​​  Amen.



The Liturgy of the Word


New Testament Reading

Acts 2:14a, 36-41

Peter Addresses the Crowd

But Peter, standing with the eleven, raised his voice and addressed them: ‘Men of Judea and all who live in Jerusalem, let this be known to you, and listen to what I say.
Therefore, let the entire house of Israel know with certainty that God has made him both Lord and Messiah, this Jesus whom you crucified.’

The First Converts

Now when they heard this, they were cut to the heart and said to Peter and to the other apostles, ‘Brothers, what should we do?’ Peter said to them, ‘Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ so that your sins may be forgiven; and you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. For the promise is for you, for your children, and for all who are far away, everyone whom the Lord our God calls to him.’ And he testified with many other arguments and exhorted them, saying, ‘Save yourselves from this corrupt generation.’ So those who welcomed his message were baptized, and that day about three thousand persons were added.


      At the end:

      This is the Word of the Lord.

All: Thanks be to God.




Gradual Hymn

Abide with me


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Abide with me, fast falls the even-tide;
the darkness deepens; Lord, with me abide:
when other helpers fail, and comforts flee,
help of the helpless, O abide with me.


Swift to its close ebbs out life’s little day;
earth’s joys grow dim, its glories pass away;
change and decay in all around I see;
O thou who changest not, abide with me.


I need thy presence ev’ry passing hour;
what but thy grace can foil the tempter’s pow’r?
Who like thyself my guide and stay can be?
Through cloud and sunshine, Lord, abide with me.


I fear no foe with thee at hand to bless;
ills have no weight, and tears no bitterness.
Where is death’s sting? Where, grave, thy victory?
I triumph still, if thou abide with me.


Hold thou thy cross before my closing eyes;
shine through the gloom, and point me to the skies;
heav’n’s morning breaks, and earth’s vain shadows flee;
in life, in death, O Lord, abide with me.



Gospel Reading

Luke 24.13-35

      ​​​​​​​  Alleluia, alleluia.
      ​​​​​​​  I am the first and the last, says the Lord, and the living one;
      ​​​​​​​  I was dead, and behold
      ​​​​​​​  I am alive for evermore.

All: Alleluia.


      ​​​​​​​  Hear the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ according to Luke.

All: Glory to you, O Lord.


The Walk to Emmaus

Now on that same day two of them were going to a village called Emmaus, about seven miles from Jerusalem, and talking with each other about all these things that had happened. While they were talking and discussing, Jesus himself came near and went with them, but their eyes were kept from recognizing him. And he said to them, ‘What are you discussing with each other while you walk along?’ They stood still, looking sad. Then one of them, whose name was Cleopas, answered him, ‘Are you the only stranger in Jerusalem who does not know the things that have taken place there in these days?’ He asked them, ‘What things?’ They replied, ‘The things about Jesus of Nazareth, who was a prophet mighty in deed and word before God and all the people, and how our chief priests and leaders handed him over to be condemned to death and crucified him. But we had hoped that he was the one to redeem Israel. Yes, and besides all this, it is now the third day since these things took place. Moreover, some women of our group astounded us. They were at the tomb early this morning, and when they did not find his body there, they came back and told us that they had indeed seen a vision of angels who said that he was alive. Some of those who were with us went to the tomb and found it just as the women had said; but they did not see him.’ Then he said to them, ‘Oh, how foolish you are, and how slow of heart to believe all that the prophets have declared! Was it not necessary that the Messiah should suffer these things and then enter into his glory?’ Then beginning with Moses and all the prophets, he interpreted to them the things about himself in all the scriptures.


As they came near the village to which they were going, he walked ahead as if he were going on. But they urged him strongly, saying, ‘Stay with us, because it is almost evening and the day is now nearly over.’ So he went in to stay with them. When he was at the table with them, he took bread, blessed and broke it, and gave it to them. Then their eyes were opened, and they recognized him; and he vanished from their sight. They said to each other, ‘Were not our hearts burning within us while he was talking to us on the road, while he was opening the scriptures to us?’ That same hour they got up and returned to Jerusalem; and they found the eleven and their companions gathered together. They were saying, ‘The Lord has risen indeed, and he has appeared to Simon!’ Then they told what had happened on the road, and how he had been made known to them in the breaking of the bread.


At the end:

        This is the Gospel of the Lord.

All:   Praise to you, O Christ.




Luke 24. 13-35

Jesus appears to the disciples on the road to Emmaus


This Resurrection appearance encompasses almost every possible emotion; sorrow, suspense, bewilderment, astonishment, excitement, joy and more besides.

 It is also a model for a great deal of what being a Christian is all about – the slow, sad dismay at the failure of human hopes, the turning to someone who might or might not be able to help, the discovery that in scripture there lies an explanation for all that troubles us and, most of all, the realization that it is Jesus who walks alongside us even when we do not recognise him. This describes the experience of many Christians on their journey of faith.

This particular resurrection account contains huge symbolism. Think of the very first “meal” recorded in the Bible; “The woman took some fruit and ate it and she gave some to her husband and he ate it, then the eyes of both of them were opened, and they knew that they were naked.” (Genesis 3.6-7). This tale was told again and again as the beginning of the woes that had come upon the human race. Death itself was traced to that moment of rebellion.

Now Luke, echoing that story, describes the first meal of the new creation; “He took the bread, blessed it, broke it and gave it to them. Then the eyes of both of them were opened and they recognised him” (Luke 24 v 31). So the vanquisher of death has prevailed.

There are further truths to be gleaned as well. Think of the courtesy of Jesus in this story; Luke tells us “As they approached the village, he acted as if he was going further” Jesus did not force himself upon them but awaited their invitation to come in. God has given us the greatest and most perilous gift of free choice. We can use it to invite Jesus to come alongside us or to allow him to pass on.

The story also tells us how Jesus was known to them in the breaking of bread. This is often taken to mean that we recognise Jesus most fully in the service of Holy Communion. It is far more than that: It was at an ordinary meal in an ordinary house, when an ordinary loaf was being divided that Jesus was recognised. As we are currently prevented from sharing in Holy Communion what a powerful message that is! Jesus is not only the host in his church but he is also the guest in every home.

Finally, we read of the two disciples who, when they did finally recognise Jesus, wanted to share the news with such enthusiasm and joy. It was a seven mile journey back to Jerusalem but nothing could stop them immediately returning to tell the others.

When we return to gathering in person may we celebrate, with that same enthusiasm and joy, the presence of the living Lord among us.


With every Blessing and the assurance of my prayers,


Fr Christopher


Affirmation of Faith


All:  We believe and trust in God the Father,

        source of all being and life, the one for whom we exist.       

      ​​​​​​​  We believe and trust in God the Son,
      ​​​​​​​  who took our human nature, died for us and rose again.

      ​​​​​​​  We believe and trust in God the Holy Spirit,
      ​​​​​​​  who gives life to the people of God
      ​​​​​​​  and makes Christ known in the world.

      This is the faith of the Church.

      ​​​​​​​  This is our faith. We believe and trust in one God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.




Prayers of Intercession 

Pray for the needs of the world, for our local communities, our loved-ones and our friends.


At the end:


All: Merciful Father,
      ​​​​​​​  accept these prayers,
      ​​​​​​​  for the sake of your Son,
      ​​​​​​​  our Saviour, Jesus Christ.
      ​​​​​​​  Amen.



The Lord’s Prayer

      ​​​​​​​  Rejoicing in God’s new creation,
      ​​​​​​​  let us pray with confidence as our Saviour has taught us


All: Our Father, who art in heaven,
      ​​​​​​​  hallowed be thy name,
      ​​​​​​​  thy kingdom come,
      ​​​​​​​  thy will be done,
      ​​​​​​​  on earth as it is in heaven.
      ​​​​​​​  Give us this day our daily bread.
      ​​​​​​​  And forgive us our trespasses
      ​​​​​​​  as we forgive those who trespass against us.
      ​​​​​​​  And lead us not into temptation;
      ​​​​​​​  but deliver us from evil.
      ​​​​​​​  For thine is the kingdom,
      ​​​​​​​  the power and the glory,
      ​​​​​​​  for ever and ever.
      ​​​​​​​  Amen.



Jesus lives, thy terrors now


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Jesus lives! thy terrors now
can no more, O death, appal us;
Jesus lives! by this we know
thou, O grave, canst not enthral us.


Jesus lives! henceforth is death
but the gate of life immortal:
this shall calm our trembling breath,
when we pass its gloomy portal.



Jesus lives! for us he died;
then, alone to Jesus living,
pure in heart may we abide,
glory to our Saviour giving.



Jesus lives! our hearts know well
naught from us his love shall sever;
life nor death nor pow’rs of hell
tear us from his keeping ever.



Jesus lives! to him the throne
over all the world is given:
may we go where he is gone,
rest and reign with him in heaven.




Closing Prayer

       â€‹â€‹â€‹â€‹â€‹â€‹â€‹  Living God,
       â€‹â€‹â€‹â€‹â€‹â€‹â€‹  your Son made himself known to his disciples
       â€‹â€‹â€‹â€‹â€‹â€‹â€‹  in the breaking of bread:
       â€‹â€‹â€‹â€‹â€‹â€‹â€‹  open the eyes of our faith,
      ​​​​​​​   that we may see him in all his redeeming work;
      ​​​​​​​   who is alive and reigns, now and for ever.

 All: Amen.



Virtual Blessing

      ​​​​​​​  Alleluia! Christ is risen.

All: He is risen indeed. Alleluia!


      God the Father,
      ​​​​​​​  by whose love Christ was raised from the dead,
      ​​​​​​​  open to those who believe the gates of everlasting life.

All: Amen.


      God the Son,
      ​​​​​​​  who in bursting from the grave has won a glorious victory,
      ​​​​​​​  give us joy as we share the Easter faith.

All: Amen.


      God the Holy Spirit,
      ​​​​​​​  who filled the disciples with the life of the risen Lord,
      ​​​​​​​  empower us and fill us with Christ’s peace.

All: Amen.


      And may the blessing of God almighty,
      ​​​​​​​  the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit,
      ​​​​​​​  be with us and those whom we love, today and always.

All: Amen.



Fantasia BWV542 by J. S. Bach

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