Cine Pew

Wood Norton All Saints’ Church, Ciné Pew, Friday 27th October

The screen at All Saints’ Church, Wood Norton, presents The Motorcycle Diaries, Friday 27th October, 7.30pm. Running time 120 minutes.

This whimsical drama follows the real-life story of a 1952 road-trip across South America by two young men, Alberto and Ernesto. They set off on Alberto’s 1939 motorbike and, as they travel, they discover much more about their world and themselves.

Doors open at 7pm. Light refreshments. Bring your own cushions. There is no charge for this event. 


Wood Norton All Saints’, Ciné Pew, Friday 17th November, 7.30pm

An opportunity for armchair (or pew) travel! All Saints’ are screening ‘Whale Rider’ which is set in New Zealand and follows the ambition of a young Maori girl to break convention - and  defy her grandfather - to become head of her tribe.


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